Is Everyone Going To Just Ignore That There Are Zombies In Game of Thrones?

What is it with Zombies?

Seriously – I don’t understand the mass appeal of the zombie/vampire franchises that have been sweeping the world, making millions and millions of dollars. Twilight, The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries – what is it with these kinds of stories that get us hooked, line and sinkered into their madness?

I’m not about that life (or lack of life, or full-life, let me get back to you on that). I was never a huge fan of the vampires/zombie franchises and I probably never will be – except, for the fact that Game of Thrones basically threw some zombies into their plot line and now I’m hella angry.

So basically, you have the White Walkers – the guys Jon Snow has been running around screaming about for several seasons. They’re scary AF and they kill anything in their way – even humans who really have done nothing wrong. They look human AF – except for their piercing blue eyes and their ability to freeze you like it’s the blizzard of 1993.

But – what people forget – is you also have the Wights.

Wights are the zombies you never saw coming on GoT. The White Walkers have the ability to take already dead humans and make them come back to life – kind of – as zombies. But, their appearance is based off of how they looked when they died. If a White Walker turns a dead body into a Wight right away, they’ll look pretty normal – just with those crazy eyes. But, if they decide to take a dead body that’s been dead for years and turn it into a Wight – it’ll basically be a walking skeleton, which, is creepy AF.

I’m rolling my eyes that I have to partake in any zombie culture show – because it’s not my thing – but, I’m not going to abandon ship this late in the game. Plus, I’m trying to see Jon Snow kill some undead homies, ya know?