21 Gifts Every True Crime Junkie Would Kill For

If you’ve ever been out with people you knew sorta-well (not REAL friends) and felt compelled to share a story relating to a cold case, a murder, or anything else true crime related— only to be met with side eyes and the distinct feeling you are a weirdo…welcome to the club! This is your safe space. Whether you are a true crime junkie or are somehow related to one, (sorry!) these gifts are sure to haunt, excite, and please. Let your true crime flag fly!

1. This ‘Burn Bundy Burn’ tee-shirt:

Based on the shirts worn by crowds celebrating Ted Bundy’s execution in 1989, this Ted Bundy Execution Day tee is everything a murderino could want and more.

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2. Investigation Discovery ID Wine Club Subscription:

If you enjoy insanely long and sorta convoluted dramatic reenactments— which, let’s be real, is sometimes the only way to watch true crime— then you probably love Investigation Discovery! This ID Wine Club subscription ($50) is the perfect way to get dramatic while watching the most drama.

Get six bottles of wine, three of which are exclusive ID-themed here.

3. This really really good ‘Cereal Killer’ spoon:

Vintage silver, functional, and punny? What more could you want?

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4. These Crime Scene Bandages:

Scare off germs and people who just “don’t get” your true crime obsession with these super cute bandages.

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5. These amazing Serial Killer playing cards:

These Killer Cards feature 54 of the most notorious American serial killers from U.S. history. Each card includes a name, alias, biography, kill count, age, time and location active, and their preferred methods of murder. Fun and educational!

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6. This really cute pompom beanie:

Rock your murder fascination proudly and look cute doing it!

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7. This handy Zodiac Killer Tote Bag:

A tote even Ted Cruz can get behind!

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8. This very relevant sweatshirt:

It’s weird, but I’ve found that people who love true crime also love to nap. What is it about gore, cold cases, and demented murder that makes us just so tired?

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9. This blood-spattered coozie:

What better way to let people know you’re fun but also intellectual than a blood-spattered beer holder?

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10. These Ted Bundy and Ed Gein Christmas Tree Ornaments:

These, uh, adorable little baubles are custom made and come in whatever color you want! Between the two of these guys, they killed anywhere from 38 to 100+ people, which is a fun conversation topic for Christmas tree decorating.

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11. These super spooky mugshot coasters:

These mugshots from the early to mid 1900’s are digitally colorized and printed on stone tiles. They include hand written notes on the negatives about the prisoner’s classifications and description.

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12. This My Favorite Murder inspired mug:

Karen and Georgia are the best. This ‘Toxic Masculinity Ruins The Party Again’ ceramic mug is the best.

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13. And this SSGDM shot glass:

The most classic of Murderino quips, this Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered shot glass will help you to remember to do just that, even if you’re a lil tips.

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