People Are Now Tattooing Their Astrological Sign Onto Their Face

Back in the day, if you would have told my mother that people were getting tattoos on their face, she’d probably be confused. But, it’s 2017 and now, nothing is really off the table. For years, tattoos are becoming more normalized in society as art and less associated with criminals – as they were when my mother was young. Instead, she has a daughter (aka the brilliant me) who is employed, independent, on her way to a Master’s Degree and the proud owner of five beautiful tattoos. While tattoos are now common amongst everyone in society, people are doing more ambitious and creative things with their ink. Recently, people have decided to get some artwork on their face that is in the shape of their astrological zodiac sign.

Called “AstroFrecks” the idea is that you get “permanent” freckles tattooed on your face in the shape of your astrological sign’s zodiac constellation. But, the shiny sparks are not included. Instead, they look like natural freckles that just about anyone would have. And, they’re “semi” permanent, which means they’ll fade over time.

People are getting these more and more as freckles are becoming popular in the modeling and entertainment industry. To be honest, it looks pretty cool and I like the idea that if you connect them, they make the shape of your astrological sign. Tattoo artist Jessica Knapik does other freckle tattoos for people who want to get just natural looking tattoos on their face, and, they look pretty legit.

10/10, I’m a fan. What do you think?