A Photographer Unknowingly Launched This Student’s Modeling Career After Taking A Picture Of Her At Homecoming

When you’re out and about and someone wants to take your picture, you feel kind of honored. It’s not every day that people approach us at random and say they like our “look” and want to feature us on social media or even a blog or magazine. Most of the time, we feel kind of sh*tty about ourselves and our look – especially when we’re going out with a lot of people. Nowadays, it’s easy to feel self-conscious when the entire world is editing their photos 100x with 100 apps and looking flawless on the gram. So, when someone says they want to photograph us, we rarely say “no.” One student was attending a homecoming event when a photographer approached her and had no idea that saying yes would change her life. 

Anok Yai was attending homecoming at Howard University with some friends when a photographer from TheSUNK asked to take her photo to feature on their Instagram page. She was wearing a simple black bodysuit and a pair of jean shorts, but her stunning features captivated the photographer enough to stop and take her picture. And, other people were just as captivated, too.

After her photo was taken and posted on TheSUNK’s Instagram page, Anok shared on her own, personal page she landed a modeling contract with Next Models.

It’s clear as to why – seeing that this girl has got that “it” factor that every model wishes they could have.

Hi Howard #howardhomecoming

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Anok told The Boston Globe: 

My phone just started vibrating rapidly for a long, long time.

The leaves match my skin 🍂

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Next time you’re out and a photographer asks to take your picture – say yes. You never know how it could completely change your life, y’all.