Stove Top Stuffing Just Made Thanksgiving Dinner Pants So You Can Eat Literally Everything

In case you were wondering what to wear to Thanksgiving Dinner this year, Stove Top Stuffing just made the decision a whole lot easier. Picture this: it’s 4 p.m. and Thanksgiving dinner has been served. In between gobbles of scrumptious food, and answering family members bothersome questions about your murky future, nonexistent love life, and that new piercing you’ve been embracing, you feel a little tired, a little lazy, and a whole lot like a bloated whale. In fact, your pants feel like they’re about to pop open. Inside your belly, your food baby is kicking —  trying to break free. Dumbfoundedly, you sit there, feeling imprisoned in your OWN pants. They’re gonna rip. You’re gonna blow. S.O.S. girlfriend, you need some better bottoms.

No one understands how you feel! Wait…actually…take that back. Stove Top Stuffing, the creators of the stuffing that made you feel so damn bloated, knows exactly how you feel. This Thanksgiving they put down their mixing bowls and hit the fabric studio. Stove Top Stuffing designed the perfect pants for your Thanksgiving bod, allowing you to “enjoy Thanksgiving more,” according to their website.

These ruby red pants, feature a Stove Top patterned elastic seamless band at the top (similar to maternity clothing) to allow turkey day lovers to eat until they feel 9 months pregnant. Retailing at $19.98, customers can choose from S, M, L, XL.

Not going to lie, they look pretty cozy and are absolutely the type of pants I would wear to Thanksgiving Dinner. If your family is looking for a more relaxed dress code this year, these pants might be the solution. And c’mon, matching Thanksgiving Dinner pants is way more cute than matching Christmas PJs — let’s be honest.

And If you need a little more convincing, and fear you’ll only get one use out of these pants, think again. They’re the perf pants to wear when you’re on your period or, well, the occasional barn painting — I mean look at the color! Or maybe they could just be your pants you wear every time you eat Stove Top Stuffing. Whatever you do with these bad boys, you’ll be very comfy and #vogue.

While PayPal is the only way to pay, shipping is free for all you bloated turkeys in the United States, sans Hawaii and Alaska.  Head on over to Stove Top to place your Thanksgiving Dinner Pants order. Watch the hilarious commercial below: