Catholic School Forced To Take Down This Wildly Inappropriate Statue Of A Saint

Most religious schools often have status, murals, mosaics and other forms of art to pay honor to holy figures and saints. It’s not abnormal to have religious figures on campus for many private schools. Sometimes, however, one should check in with the designer before they begin sculping status for a school. Like, this one private school in Adelaide, Australia. The status is supposed to depict a saint giving bread to a kneeling boy. But, unfortunately, it looks like something else entirely. We’ll let you decide. 

Let’s be honest, that bread placement is wildly inappropriate. And, the boy kneeling? Even worse. Not to mention that the statue was placed at an all-boys school. With the controversy that comes out of the Catholic Church so often, I’d say their decision to cover it up with a sheet was a good one.

Of course, people on Twitter had a field day with this one.