22 People Share How ‘That Person’ From Work Finally Got Fired

We’ve all been there, and when I mean that we have all been there I literally mean we have all had to deal with that annoying co-worker that just seems to be overstaying their stay a tad bit too much if you know what I mean. As if they can’t seem to understand that it’s been a struggle to work with them. Heck, it’s been a nightmare to even have to make eye contact with them, and what could also make matters worse is the fact that you are probably not the only one in the workplace that feels that way. Honestly, it’s probably already planned how every single one of you will dispose of the body once y’all murder them because truth be told It doesn’t take long for everyone to just share the same resentment towards that person. That is why we just gotta thank Reddit and it’s hilarious threads for giving us the freedom and opportunity of expressing our joy when that magical moment happens when said co-worker is not found to be gracing us with their obnoxious presence anymore.

1. athaliah:

He missed a major deadline and didn’t tell anyone and didn’t show up to work to face the music. Then they found out he was assigning some of his work to another coworker but turning it in and saying he did it. Then they tried to fire him but he didn’t show up for 3 days. They basically drove to his house to fire him.

2. Tenrai_Taco:

 A car he was loading on the flatbed rolled off down a hill and through a barn. And instead of calling the cops or our boss he went to the liquor store and downed a bottle of vodka right outside.

3. Iridios:

Hospital tech was working 3rd shift. He was using an ‘out of view’ work computer to view porn. He had been doing this for about a month before he got caught.

He was caught because one of the sites had infected the computer. When the decidedly female chief mammography tech started the computer in front of a patient in the mamography room the screen started filling up with pop up porn ads.

When the investigation was done, the listing of all the sites he visited during his misadventure used up nearly a ream of paper.

4. ThatGirl76:

 He was found sleeping under his desk. When awake he was caught repeatedly sneaking out the back door (no receptionist) and leaving for hours. He was taking credit for the work of others while trying to pawn his work off on the data entry girl.

He worked there for 2.5 weeks.

5. Lichruler:

 Got caught vaping in a clean room with hydrofluoric acid, butanol, and a salt bath with a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius near him.