Apparently, We’ve All Missed This Connection Between ‘Home Alone’ And ‘Friends’ For Years

It’s no secret that “Home Alone” is one of the best Christmas movies of all time. There’s no better feeling than when it’s the holiday season and you can veg out on the couch and quote back the entire movie with your loved ones (or, maybe that’s just me and my boyfriend). If I were to match up an all-time classic TV show with the iconic movie, it would hands-down be “Friends.” Both the movie and the TV show are absolute gems in our childhood, where we can watch them over and over again without ever getting sick and tired of all six friends or little Kevin McCallister. Plus, who doesn’t want endless cheese pizza (Joey and Kevin’s favorite, obviously).

Besides having characters who love cheese pizza, there’s one major connection between “Home Alone” and “Friends” that many fans have missed over the years.

It all has to do with the McCallister house. Sure, today, everyone has been focused on just how Mr. McCallister was able to afford such a lavish house while sending his entire family to Paris for vacation (or Florida, or New York if you’ve seen Home Alone 2). What does this guy do for a living? Is he a Mob Boss? Does he have a money tree in his backyard? Let me know, I’m kind of curious.

But, the real connection with the McCallister house has to do with the house Chandler and Monica buy in the final season of friends, when they move out of the city and to the suburbs (aka Long Island). Remember how upset Joey was when he found out his two best friends were living NYC for good? It was heartbreaking.

It turns out, the house that Monica and Chandler bought is the same house Kevin McCallister got left in, all alone. You think I’m joking right? How can a true “Home Alone” fan miss this connection while watching “Friends?” Any fan would know right away – or, so you think.

While “Home Alone” came out in 1990 and the episode of “Friends” came out in 2004, producers thought that if they had used stock footage, no one would notice seeing as so much time had passed. But, the people over at 22 Vision sure as hell noticed, and they made this video to explain it all.

Mind-blown, right?