James McAvoy Turned Into A Thicc Smoke Show Overnight And We Are Living For It

James McAvoy was never someone I’d add to the “daddy” category of my celebrity crushes. Like, if I were to have a few men I’d be given a hall pass for, he wouldn’t even cross my mind. He’s always had that scrawny, nerdy look to him in films, and to be honest – I like my man a bit more…well…big. See, I’d like me a piece of Vince Vaughn if I could, he’s all man, all the time. Even though he is Professor X, he was never truly my “type.”

But, someone alerted me that McAvoy has got a brand new look to him and – holy sh*t, he’s almost unrecognizable. He was seen walking the streets of Philidelphia with a bald head and some swole AF arms. So much so, I had to do a double-take and make sure it was actually James McAvoy. Are my eyes deceiving me? Did someone photoshop him?

Nope, that’s all McDaddy, all day.

Hello, Professor, I’d like to schedule some office hours.

Got any room in that backseat?

I know you’re probably thinking I sound like a desperate swine, but it’s not just me who is super hyped for these biceps. Ever since these photos hit the web, Twitter has been going ape sh*t over them.