Twitter’s Attacking Stassi Schroeder Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ For Making A Nazi Joke On Social Media

Being that it’s 2018, people should know that when you say things that are offensive, you’ll get blasted on social media. Time and time again we’ve witnessed celebrities putting their feet in their own mouth by using the wrong words and phrases. Like, for example, comparing yourself to an entire army of people that tried to slaughter an entire religious group of people–not okay. Let’s face it, Nazis are still around in 2018 anyway, and not in a good way. There’s no reason for anyone to compare themselves to a Nazi, even if it is a joke. It’s in poor taste. Sure, call me a liberal snowflake if you must, all I’m saying is this–if you’re someone with a spotlight on them, why put a target on your back?

Stassi Schroeder, well known for appearing on the Bravo TV Show “Vanderpump Rules” isn’t one to bite her tongue about, well, anything. Recently, she was dragged across social media for sharing a photo on her Instagram stories that pissed a lot of people off. In the photo, she’s posing with two friends–Kisten (also on Vanderpump Rules) and Rachel (not on Vanederpump Rules, but, probs wants to be on VPR)–and describes all of their outfits as different genres of “chic.” Rachel is rocking “criminal chic,” while Kristen is sporting “Tupac chic,” and, Stassi wears–her words–”Nazi chic.”

Come on girl, you’re better than that.

The photo appeared on Instagram, but people on Twitter were not happy when they saw what the reality TV star wrote. In fact, they’re pretty f*cking pissed.