Uber Driver Took Her Passenger Out For A Wild Night After She Got Ghosted And Live-Tweeted The Entire Thing

Sometimes, in life, really crappy things happen to us. Like, for example, we get ghosted by someone we were really looking forward to going out with. While it absolutely sucks, we can’t break down and feel super awful about it forever. Yes, being stood up/ghosted is absolutely awful, but, sometimes bad things bring even better things around the corner. Like, for example, this heartwarming story of an Uber driver who saved a passenger from a pretty sad night in and instead, showed her the time of her life (and gave us the tweets to prove it).

It all started with a passenger who broke down because she flew all the way from Texas to Florida see a guy and he ghosted her.

Being a good person, the Uber driver, Victoria, decided to invite the passenger out with her friends–seeing as she wasn’t even from Florida, and hadn’t left her hotel room in days.

It turns out, Victoria and her friends are really good people.