Actress Sues Film Company After Falling Through A Glass Door, Leaving A Permanent Scar On Her Face

When you’re filming a movie with action-packed scenes, many assume that the company who is financing the film pays big bucks to ensure everyone’s safety. While many times the main actors don’t do the actual “stunts” in the film, they still try to go the extra mile to ensure stunt double’s safety, as well as everyone else on set when filming crazy scenes. But, no matter how much you spend, there’s always the off chance that something can go terribly wrong and someone can get seriously hurt. 20-year-old actress Taylor Hickson knows this reality all too well.


The actress, who was up and coming in her career after landing a small role in “Deadpool,” was on set filming for the horror movie “Ghostland.” In a particular scene, Hickson’s character was “pounding on a glass door,” which, ultimately shattered, causing her head and upper body to fall through the broken glass. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and had to receive “70 stitches” in her face, leaving her with a huge scar. Any actress knows that this can seriously harm your career, as your face is your “money maker” in the end.


According to the lawsuit, the scene Hickson was filming was “extremely emotionally charged,” and both the director and producer of the film insisted that Hickson should “pound harder on the glass.” According to the suit,

“…the director [Pascal Laugier], consistently told [Hickson] to pound harder on the glass with her fists. At one point during the filming of the scene, and after being asked to increase the strength with which [she] pounded on the glass, [she] asked one of the producers and the director if it was safe to do so. That producer and the director both replied in the affirmative.”

Inevitably, it was not safe to do so. Hickson believes the producers and director neglected to take her safety into account. After undergoing medical procedures, Hickson has a noticeable scar on her face, which she claims as “impacted her ability to land other acting roles.” She also claims it’s impacted her self-confidence. She told “Deadline,”

It’s been mass amounts of insecurity, conflicted, confused, hurt, angry, and sad that this was my last day on set and no precautions were taken.

Hickson has undergone laser treatment and other plastic surgeries to try and conceal the massive scar on her face, but, she’s still been unable to reduce the visibility of the injury. Inevitably, Hickson is claiming she’s had a loss of income and a career shift due to the injury and blames the company, director, and producer for not ensuring her safety on set. Many users online agree that she deserves to see some compensation for the lack of precaution taken.

Written by Lex Gabrielle

A writer and teacher from New York City who fully supports messy buns and 3+ cups of coffee a day.