In One Awkward Biology Class, This Girl Discovered That Her Dad Wasn’t Her Biological Father

Biology class, while important for certain high-paying degrees, is typically the place where students end up dozing off during lectures about mitosis and misspelling “Golgi apparatus” while diagramming cells — it’s generally not the setting for a DNA reveal of Jerry Springer proportions. However, there’s a first time for everything.

Recently, Twitter user Anya was witness to an uncomfortable situation between one of her classmates and her biology professor.

Apparently, the girl couldn’t make the blood types from her parents work in her Punnett square.

The professor told the student that she must have been incorrect about her parents’ blood types.

When the girl double-checked with her parents, she stumbled into an old family secret.

Apparently, her dad wasn’t her biological father (unbeknownst to him).

Not surprisingly, the two parents are now apparently separated.

So, I guess not wanting to uncover any unwelcome family stories is perhaps the one valid argument for not doing your biology homework?