People Are Conflicted Over This New ‘Friends’ Theory About Why Monica And Ross Had To Be Siblings

There are some shows throughout the history of television that everyone has seen at least once or twice.
Of the sitcoms that aired in the ’90s, “Friends” is one that people were absolutely obsessed with–and still are, today (thanks to Netflix streaming). While the show was a sensation for its time, when new viewers began streaming the show today, in a different time, there were tons of people who believe the show didn’t age well–as some comments, jokes, remarks, and situations were “homophobic,” and “sexist.”

Recently, writer and comedian Emilly Heller shared a theory on Twitter about the show that had to do with Monica, Ross, and the entire Carol saga. If you’ve watched “Friends” from the beginning, you’d know that Ross’ first wife, Carol, ends up cheating on him with a woman, Susan. The two end up getting a divorce and Susan and Carol become life-partners. Ross is hostile towards Carol and Susan for quite some time, including throughout the entire process of her pregnancy and birth of his son, Ben.

Heller came up with a rather interesting theory staying that Ross and Monica had to be siblings in the show because if not, the friends would have sided with Carol in the divorce–saying she was “living her truth,” or things of that nature.


Some people were totally in agreement with this tweet, saying that Ross was absolutely horrible and people would have sided with Carol if Monica and Ross weren’t blood-related.

Others thought that the situation was completely unfair and ridiculous because Carol cheated,  and, the friends knew Ross first.


In all hoensty–Ross is my least favorite character on the show. I don’t think that the friends would have sided with Carol in the divorce, but I do think they may have been a bit more aggressive and against his misogynistic behavior towards Carol and Susan throughout the show if Monica and Ross weren’t related.

What do you guys think? 

Written by Lex Gabrielle

A writer and teacher from New York City who fully supports messy buns and 3+ cups of coffee a day.