John Cena Breaks Down And Admits He ‘Still Wants To Marry Nikki Bella’ On National Television

2018 has so far been the year of some major celebrity breakups.

Amongst the big names who have decided to go their separate ways are WWE names, John Cena and Nikki Bella. For any fan of the show “Total Divas” and “Total Bellas,” the breakup was devastating and heartbreaking.

While neither party has opened up about why they broke up, sources reported that the two just weren’t on the same page with what they wanted in life. While they were engaged, Cena had been open about not wanting children and Bella had said several times she wishes to be a mother. Sources claimed that Bella felt “off” about their relationship after getting engaged, and the breakup took many by surprise–apparently, this includes Cena himself.

While appearing on Kathie Lee and Hoda on TODAY, Cena claimed he was “blindsided” by the split and had his heart broken.

Cena has changed the way he thinks about a lot of things about himself and in life overall it seems since their split–including wanting to have kids. Cena said to the hosts:

“I love her. I want to be with her. I want to make her my wife. I want to be the father of her children. I just want us to work.”

Later on, after the interview aired, the Bella sisters were doing a red carpet and Nikki was asked about the interview by a reporter. She was speechless to hear that he professed his love for her on national television, and said she was hesitant about their wedding because she “wants to mean her vows and only say them once,” insinuating she doesn’t want a marriage that ends in a divorce.

Twitter users were completely captivated and heartbroken to see these two–who obviously still have love for each other–struggling with the breakup.

Written by Lex Gabrielle

A writer and teacher from New York City who fully supports messy buns and 3+ cups of coffee a day.